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Salvaging adventure—and the New Year—in the Airstream

Last December, 15 testers gathered for the annual Outside Magazine Bike Test, in which we select the rising crop of the coming year’s bikes and ride the bejeezus out of them to determine which are the most promising.

Is plus-size road the next big thing or just a marketing ploy?

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First Lite, a small apparel operation out of Ketchum, Idaho, is one of a growing number of crossover designers producing gear that works equally well for riding, skiing, hiking, and hunting

The days are significantly shorter. Be prepared for your commute with the right lights and apparel.

Finding possibility and gratitude in the grim days and in-between experiences

Scorchingly fast, silly light, and more affordable than the competition, this might just be the finest race bike for the money

The first iteration of this whip defined the 29er genre. Can the redesign do that same for 27.5+ bikes?

A 3-day bike hunt in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains was the perfect trip to put the company's new lightweight sleep system through its paces

Sure, Sedona and Moab are great. But this little Colorado town comes out on top for two big reasons: it's packed with epic, fun-to-ride trails and it's built around people who absolutely love bikes.

This aggressive trail helmet is the most versatile all-mountain lid on the market

The Arizona-based brand just built the do-everything, plus-size trail bike.

You don’t have to travel far to find inspiration

By launching Co-op Cycles and discontinuing the Novara brand, REI is trying to revamp its bike program to appeal to a performance-oriented cycling audience

Bikes of portly proportion are only getting funner to ride

This new drivetrain finally fulfills the big promise of a 1x setup—a large enough gear range for steep climbs, fast descents, and everything in between

After days spent walking the aisles of Interbike, these were the 10 most intriguing new bits and pieces we found.

Riding in winter doesn't have to be painful. (Rapha) Rapha Pro Team Thermal Aerosuit Think of this one-piece as a nordic skin suit for cyclists. It’s incredibly warm, courtesy of the windproof, water-resistant, waffle-weave fleece on the front. But you won’t overheat: the fabric’s lighter in back to let cool air in.  Price $440…

The five products we’re most excited about this year

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