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We’re just a month into 2018, but Chris Goddard, founder of CGPR and 25-year industry veteran, has already logged more than 12,000 air miles in 2018, walked 46 miles of trade show aisles, and consumed 38 cappuccinos while hop-scotching from Shot Show to Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show to ISPO. (And, yes, untold glasses of Merlot were involved, too)

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As gear companies increase their direct-to-consumer sales, “pro deals” and “friends and family" promotions, retailers protest that they can’t compete. They’re being undercut and left holding the bag on inventory they can’t possibly sell at the same discounts. Todd Frank, owner of The Trail Head, an independent Missoula, Montana-based specialty outdoor retailer, says enough is enough. If vendors continue to offer these discounts and lure his customers away, he’ll stop doing business with them—and he calls on other retailers to join him