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Empowering Reps with Virtual Sell-In Toolkits

How to use digital workbooks and assortment experiences to support retailers


Digital experiences are here to stay. As we collectively worked through the disruptions of the last few years, new methods and workflows emerged that take advantage of the digital tools brands can access. Naturally, this pushed the application of those tools into new spaces, and a hybrid selling model emerged. This model harnesses the power of the virtual tools found in your brand’s B2B to enhance both in-person and virtual meetings between a rep and a retailer. It also facilitates asymmetrical collaboration when real-time human interaction isn’t possible.

In this hybrid model, Envoy B2B becomes the meeting place for reps and retailers as they navigate the season, have meaningful interactions during the buying process, review workbooks, and build a buy together.

Different stages of the buying process demand different levels of human interaction. A platform like Envoy B2B will always have a place at the table, virtually or in-person, because it enhances the ability of reps and retailers to work together and dial in a strong buy.

However, when collaborating virtually during sell-in, it is crucial for reps to provide retailers with the correct digital resources to learn about your brand and products. Your B2B platform is the destination for those resources, enabling reps to tap into the power of your B2B and help retailers find success. Additionally, providing your reps with pre-built assortment experiences and the tools to customize them for their accounts will support them in supporting your retailers.

Create Flexible Digital Workbooks Using Assortments

A template builder, like the one found in Envoy B2B, allows your marketing team to design custom layouts that reps can rely on to easily create a PDF workbook from any assortment. This workbook will align with the look and feel of your brand, as directed by the marketing team. It keeps the brand story consistent across all retailers while still being flexible enough that reps can customize it for their accounts.

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Providing the Right Assets

This is a simple but essential step. Upload product images, videos, and 3D models to your B2B platform for reps to use when creating assortment experiences. These additional assets can be used to further customize each assortment to individual accounts. Retailers love getting hands-on with the actual products, but sometimes that isn’t feasible. Giving reps access to these digital images, videos, and 3D models is the next best thing.

Distribute Pre-Built Assortments to Reps

While product assortments can be simple line sheet PDFs created by reps, you can also pre-build an assortment experience. This ready-made assortment delivers an elevated experience that is on-brand. Reps can further customize it to meet the needs of each of their accounts. 

Envoy B2B offers a brand the ability to pre-build an assortment with a custom selection of products, a presentation experience to introduce your brand and products, and a visually merchandised whiteboard with a cart you can preload with products for strong consideration.

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These pre-made assortment experiences can be distributed to reps when they’re workbooking with their retailers. They’ll have an easier way to campaign an assortment to their retailers, and the marketing team knows that the story and messaging is controlled and consistent across the season.

As an added benefit, a campaigned assortment is a two-way conversation. As reps and retailers edit, make notes, and line plan together, the site is updated in real-time without forcing the participants to bounce around between different tools. And the final merchandised assortment can be converted to a digital order with a single click. 

Setting up Reps for Success

Workbooks are a key piece of your rep’s toolkit as they support retailers throughout the season. It’s critical to put the correct tools, assets, and pre-built experiences in those reps’ hands, allowing them to focus their efforts on supporting retailers throughout the buying process. As we’ve learned, change comes quick, and Envoy B2B’s merchandising tools, template builders, and assortment experiences ensure your reps are ready for anything and can create seasons that grow with their retailers.