Both the world-weary and stoked-on-life congregate at these wild outposts—all seeking the same euphoric joy, communality, and escapism

The ideal over-the-top holiday gift this year? A private ski experience.

After centuries of coal mining, West Virginia looks to a new form of economic growth

Many backcountry huts are now available as private rentals, so you and your pod can have the entire place for yourselves. From Maine to Washington, here are a few of our favorites.

From Washington to California, here are nine of our favorite short treks along the famous route

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Mix, match, and click your way to the perfect backpacking kit

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From traversing forgotten Pacific coastline to walking back in geologic time in Wisconsin, these backpacking trails are unlike anything else

From Red Lady Films comes a story about Crested Butte, Colorado, a small mountain town that has always been defined by its people

We asked 13 major resorts what operational plans are in place for this winter. Their answers ranged from après-ski in a private dome to parking spots you need to reserve.

Given that most of us have stayed put for the past few months, the Outside staff came up with some exciting ways to make the most of being on the home front. Puppy, anyone?

From Alabama to Wyoming, we found the best off-grid sites for chilling out, escaping the hordes, and finding adventure

'Clarity' dives into North America's largest alpine lake, highlighting the beauty of, and threats to, its renowned clear water

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From fishing to four-wheeling, these adventures are more accessible than you might think

With stormchasing tours more popular than ever, our writer set out to discover why this risky pastime is once again taking off

From international hot spots to backyard breaks, here's where you’ll find the reigning women's world surf champ riding waves

We asked our travel experts to reveal what's on their bucket lists, and their answers will surprise and inspire you. The destinations, insight, and data here will help you plan trips for months and years to come—when we hope we'll all be getting back out there.

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The athlete and artist on creating your own hero, shifting the culture, and why the outdoors is your right

There are hundreds of scenic trails for you and your BFF to explore together

These eight rentals are the ultimate social-distancing hacks

These affordable digs are within driving distance from major cities but feel like far-away escapes

We put together our favorite in-state itineraries in every region of the country, to make it easy for you to explore your own backyard

The two-hour corridor from Asheville, North Carolina, to Bluff City, Tennessee, packs eight adventures into 60 miles

From trails to post-ride tacos, the decorated Mountain Bike World Cup champ shares her favorite Northern California spots

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The athlete and artist on creating your own hero, shifting the culture, and why the outdoors is your right

Serene places to pitch a tent—where it's just you and the ocean

After Hurricane Joaquin devastated his home, flats fishing guide Elton McKinney was left to rebuild

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HEADWINDS explores a new global reality as it unfolds in one small Colorado mountain town.

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Headwinds explores a new global reality as it unfolds in one small Colorado mountain town.

Sponsor Content

HEADWINDS explores a new global reality as it unfolds in one small Colorado mountain town.

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Headwinds explores a new global reality as it unfolds in one small Colorado mountain town.

Sponsor Content

Headwinds explores a new global reality, as it unfolds in one small Colorado mountain town.

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There’s never been a better time to seek the positive benefits of being outdoors, which is why this travel writer keeps coming back to Utah

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Cyrus Sutton balances running a successful filmmaking studio and his sunscreen brand—all while living mostly on the road

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Meet the athletes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs proving that it’s never been easier to pursue your passions while living life on the road

When veteran adventure writer Rowan Jacobsen went eye to eye with a sperm whale, he was changed in ways he never expected

Sperm whales are extra­ordinarily intelligent animals with deep family traditions and the ability to communicate across oceans with sonic clicks. But when Rowan Jacobsen had a close encounter with one in the Caribbean, he saw a creature far stranger than he'd ever imagined.

Living in a big city doesn't mean you can't spend a weekend outdoors this summer

We tested 9 places to enjoy the classic New England food and mapped out some nearby adventures, too

Islands are probably not what come to mind when you think of a trip to New England, but they should be. These spots are all accessible through ferries and tour operators and will show you a side of the Northeast that few think to explore.

There's way more to this area than just the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Non-thru-hikers, pack your bags.

Want to see some wildlife in New England? Moose are your best bet. Here's where to find them—and get some great outdoor adventuring while you're at it.

No matter your skill level or the type of adventure you're seeking, New England's two dominant mountain ranges offer plenty of opportunities to explore. Here's your guide to getting the most out of them.

The region is known for its craft brews. Here are eight places we recommend visiting for the best of the best.

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Despite the current state of affairs, the future of tourism is bright—and a degree from Colorado State University's Master of Tourism Management can help you turn your passion into a career.

All across the country, major cities are making it easier to access nature with vibrant greenways

Our writer was looking to find solace on the congested slopes of Snowdon in Wales when COVID-19 shut it down. He soon realized that a mountain devoid of humans isn't the vision he thought it would be.

This spring, photographer Kiliii Yuyan gathered his camera equipment and, practicing social-distancing guidelines, explored the West Coast to find out how it's been faring in the age of COVID-19

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of my own four walls

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From world-class trails and pristine rivers to vibrant arts and food scenes, there’s something for everyone in Arkansas’s northwest corner

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It might be in your backyard, or at a less crowded campsite later in the season. But here's everything you need to kick off camping season right—and a chance to win the ultimate camping getaway.

If you're taking this time to reassess your career or set some new adventure goals, here are four affordable courses to add to your list

Hemmed between the Oregon and Washington border, this windy water-sports mecca has something for everyone. Add it to your list of adventures worth waiting for.

Some bucket-list adventures require securing a wilderness permit months or even years out. Here’s how to book the most coveted ones in the country.

The architect Charles Bello has spent the past 52 years restoring forests from logging and protecting the land on his 400-acre Bello Ranch in Northern California. Here's what he's learned along the way.

'Expedition Norway' follows a group of photographers on a mission to document the northern lights

Arctic Bath, a stunning new wellness retreat, makes it easy for guests to try out the Swedish health traditions of saunas and icy plunges

The Mexico of your dreams still exists at the hiking and mountain-biking playground of Rancho Cacachilas

The professional skier and activist on her most beloved spots in and out of bounds

Six towns and cities with awesome adventure potential that we'd move to right now if we could

'Uinta-Wasatch-Cache' highlights the beauty and recreation that the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest in northeast Utah has to offer

Don't have time to thru-hike? That's OK! These trails can be done in a few days or weeks so you can test your endurance without using up all your vacation days.

'Saisons' is a celebration of getting outside during all four seasons in France's Massif Central region

New Zealand's South Island is undoubtedly one of the world's most beautiful places, where golden beaches and dense rainforests border the snow-capped Southern Alps and adventures are endless. But for those of us who can't pick up and move to Christchurch, here's a definitive guide on how to make the most of your time there.

You don't have to spend a ton to pull off a dreamy getaway

Want to avoid the winter blues? These warm adventure remedies are here to help, from mountain biking in Baja to hiking Dominica.

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We asked five of the Keys' most intrepid residents for their favorite outings, eateries, and watering holes

The legendary ultrarunner's top trails, both near and far

From visiting Alaska's fat bears to traveling solo across Scotland, here's how we're spending our PTO

Mexico's 775-mile-long Baja Peninsula is a magnet for travelers in search of their own arid slice of adventure paradise. From surfing to mountain biking to beach lounging, here's how to get off the beaten path and do it right.

Extend that layover—these megacities have plenty of outdoor activities within an hour or two of downtown

From Hawaii to the Swiss Alps, what are the epic trips that nobody else is doing? We found a few.

Despite some lackluster conditions in 2019, skiers Manu Barnard and Hunter Paull put together this awesome edit, 'Tempo'

After 30 years, Ktunaxa First Nation, with help from the Canadian government and Patagonia, finally shut down the Jumbo Glacier ski-resort development

As locals get priced out of Aspen, Stowe, and Whistler, here are the places ski bums are heading to next

The stunning Paparoa Track is the country’s first new Great Walk to be completed in 25 years, and is unlike any to come before it. Our reporter scored a spot on opening day.