a couple and their dog paddle boarding in the florida keys during sunset
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Your Personalized Guide to The Florida Keys’ Best Adventures

Take our quiz to find your perfect thrill—or chill

a couple and their dog paddle boarding in the florida keys during sunset

The Florida Keys are America’s original tropical getaway, a 125-mile-long archipelago brimming with charm and adventure. There are remote white-sand beaches for lounging, a coral barrier reef for diving and fishing, state parks for hiking and camping, and throngs of watersports outfitters ready to inject some serious adrenaline into your trip. The region also includes the iconic Overseas Highway, which connects numerous resorts and beach bars to the ultimate Old Florida destination, Key West, a lively town with one of the nation’s largest historic districts, just 90 miles north of Cuba.

In other words, The Florida Keys has it all. So to help plan the right year-round adventure for you, we created the following quiz. Answer these quick questions for a personalized adventure recommendation based on your preferences, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime—whether it’s snorkeling offshore or relaxing on an empty beach.


Between the calm, clear water, warm sunshine, laid-back attitude and countless activities including world-class fishing, diving, boating, dolphin encounters, art galleries and waterfront dining, The Florida Keys & Key West will take you to a place you’ve never been before—in more ways than one.