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The best places to find deep conditions this winter

The best places for uphill and in-bounds skiing

Where to go off the beaten path this winter

For the skier who likes to shop locally

Three proven formulas for a different kind of Turkey Day

Conquer the canyon with this handy guide

These are the best places to live in America.

Explore the continent's most awe-inspiring place on a bold road trip across the last frontier.

Want to get your children hooked on the active life? In these five family-friendly towns, adventure is right outside the front door.

On the 40th anniversary of the much-loved 4-day bluegrass bacchanalia, veteran pickers take a look back on how it all came to be

Your perfect summer vacation may be just around the corner.

And we mean "trips" in the literal sense. Our contributors share their most-loved, go-to spots across the U.S.

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Soaring and sailing with the Wolf Pack in the new Hyundai Santa Fe

Trips and activities to keep you outside during the mucky months

In 1966, a group of gravediggers in West Virginia reported seeing a flying humanoid figure with glowing red eyes. A year later, a nearby bridge collapsed, killing 46 people. Coincidence? Probably, but who knows.

Travel to these destinations for tons of open space—and it's all yours

Can't wait for the weather to warm up? With balmy temperatures year-round, miles of world-class trails, and a laid-back, kid-friendly atmosphere, L.A.'s southern neighbor has you covered.

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Rock Hopping and Wrangling with the Wolf Pack in the New Hyundai Santa Fe

Katie Heaney fell off a horse. Years later, she got back on. You can decide whether or not this works as a metaphor for something else.

It's 13 miles from the top of Broadway to the bottom. Oh, and if you're wondering, it's definitely possible to get lost along the way.

Katie Heaney tries to figure out the difference between "shriveled dead thing" and chupacabra

Most people, you know, put on a pair of shoes in order to start running. Chris Hawson, though, needed to take his off.

In 1900, Chicagoans remade their city’s namesake river. Then they let it go to hell.

Jason Diamond talks with Michael Kiser, the founder of a site that, well, hunts for good beer

Avalo York once ruled the Central Park bike loop. He's still there, almost every weekday, but he's been done with racing for a long time.

Katie Heaney goes looking for the dead in Minnesota's (possibly haunted) St. James Hotel

Eric Nusbaum went to a bullfight in Mexico City, and, among other things, he realized Ernest Hemingway was totally wrong

Last year, Patrick Halloran finished last in the Empire State Building Run-Up. This year, he's coming back, and he's going to kick your ass.

Bill Ulfelder, the New York director of The Nature Conservancy, sees 14,000 acres of rooftops in his city that could be used for everything from generating electricity to restoring nature

Midwest ski resorts get a bad rap for too much camo and not enough snow. These four prove the stereotypes wrong.

Meet the man who runs 30 miles a day and eats nothing but fruit

Katie Heaney recounts the history of the most famous Midwestern Yeti

A proposal to link seven mountains and 17,000 acres in one European-style network in Utah’s Wasatch Range has created a lot of controversy. While Ski Utah’s president, Nathan Rafferty, is a big proponent (read his take here), P

A proposal to link seven mountains and 17,000 acres in one European-style network in Utah’s Wasatch Range has created a lot of controversy. While Peter Metcalf, the CEO of Black Diamond Inc., thinks it’s a terrible idea (rea

Noah Davis swam and biked and ran—all without ever leaving home

In a place built on selective ignorance, a storm forced everyone to stop and think

With the help of a handful of dedicated volunteers, the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife has been holding events for disabled hunters for 40 years. Mark D'Antonio, who has been paralyzed since an on-the-job accident in 2000, is already getting ready for next year's hunt.

Outside senior editor Abe Streep joins Team Rubicon USA, a volunteer group of former active military personnel who deploy at a moment's notice to disaster zones, during recovery efforts following a fire that swept through Belle Harbor, Queens, on the night Hurricane Sandy hit

Utah resort managers are working to link seven mountains and 17,000 acres in one European-style network. Here's what it would look like.

Three months after protesting the clear-cutting of forest and the use of sewage-effluent snow, Klee Benally and three other activists suddenly face half a year in prison. Leslie MacMillan tries to figure out why.

It snowed in the Twin Cities on Thanksgiving, and Katie Heaney went to a dog park

The Southeastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Society is committed to the quest for Bigfoot. But instead of finding the mythical beast, they might’ve stumbled onto something else entirely.

My parents ignored the dire warnings about Hurricane Sandy and didn't evacuate. By the time they called for rescue, it was too late.

Waves for Water founder Jon Rose has been on the East Coast since Hurricane Sandy struck, cutting through red tape and providing disaster relief alongside a groundswell of surfers

Along for the ride with the homesteaders of the Discovery Channel's Alaska: The Last Frontier

While it may not appear that way, Noah Davis thinks that Manhattan and ultramarathons might just be made for each other

Leslie MacMillan investigates the questionable destruction of a Crow Indian religious site in Montana

International humanitarian-aid group Doctors Without Borders, best known for conducting emergency health care interventions in war-torn countries, set up a makeshift clinic for Hurricane Sandy victims in one of New York’s worst-hit communities to fill in the gaps in the government’s response. Matthew Power joined volunteer physicians for a day in the field duri

We spent months scoring and ranking dozens of resorts from California to Maine, British Columbia to Quebec, to come up with this, your cheat sheet for figuring out which mountains are right for you this snow season. We don't expect you to agree with all of our decisions, but we do think you'll be able to find something for everyone in our final list.

Outside's East Coast editor takes a walking tour of Freeport, Long Island, with Steven Townsend, lifelong fisherman and Long Island native, after Hurricane Sandy

What's it like to watch the Storm of the Century hit your home from 2,000 miles away?

After wandering to a bar in Sandy's aftermath, Jason Diamond was reminded of the best parts about living in New York

With Manhattan slowly coming back to life after Hurricane Sandy, Outside’s East Coast editor joins the leader of Long Island Search and Rescue for a tour of places the cops haven't made it to yet, where looters prey on homes in communities that will take years to rebuild

After sticking out Hurricane Irene, Maksim Charnyy didn't think Sandy would be any different. Ignoring mandatory evacuation orders, he stayed in his building with 70 or 80 percent of the other residents. And then the water came.

Outside's East Coast editor visits the town he grew up in, situated on the west side of the Hudson River about 25 miles outside of Manhattan, in the middle of Hurricane Sandy

You don’t have to give up the amenities of a large urban environment just because you prefer traveling on two wheels over four

The island traps you. That’s what Manhattanites say when rationalizing their inability to travel freely. But with a little crea­tivity, finding adventure is easier than you think. Outside fan Joe Sacaridiz, an ad-agency art director who lives in Hell’s Kitchen, spends spring and fall weekends climbing upstate and winters snowboarding in Vermont. Here’s

An Italian chef, a pro snowboarder, and five other Sun Valley, Idaho, locals tell you the best way to play in one of America's most pristine mountain towns

Fall is here, and the temps are dropping—time to pick a fresh new adventure in the American Southwest

Alexander Chee went to the Fifth Annual Coney Island Beard and Mustache Competition. He came back with some kind of unified theory of facial hair.

In the small towns along the coast of Guerrero, Mexico, traditional rooster fights have turned into ostentatious affairs with narcos from warring groups dropping in to wager up to 100,000 pesos on a single match. The government can't control the area, but at least the violence at these sporting events is constrained to the ring. For now.

Readers voted Richmond, Virginia, the nation's most livable river town. (No joke!) To find out why, Jon Billman paddles, runs, and snorkels for crabs in the former Confederate capital. Plus: the lowdown on nine other great river towns.

In the Napa Valley, Clif Bar CEOs Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford have built a wine-tasting room that doubles a a refuge for cyclists. To really understand the concept, I figured I had to join Erickson for a ride. I should have known better.

Fall is here, and the temps are dropping—time to pick a fresh new adventure in the American Southwest

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Whitewater on Maine's Kennebec River, single-track in Vermont—these are the Northeast's best-kept adventure secrets

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From paddling to biking to hiking, here are the top spots from Nova Scotia to the Northwest Territories

In the foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada lies a huge stash of obscure singletrack. David Page learns some humility (and the value of a modern bike) on a ride with the trails' developers.

Summer is the season to embrace the sunlight, celebrate, and make a few hundred new friends

Nine Sonoma professionals model the season's top looks

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Professional snowboarder and Olympic athlete Seth Wescott shares his top five adventures for the off-season.

The rankest mountain roads for testing your cycling mettle

The wildest places to sample the country’s best brews

From weekend escapes for beginners to weeklong expeditions for seasoned pros, the best destinations on the continent for taking flight

La Niña means a long, hard winter—just how we like it. Take advantage by basing yourself at one of these nine Outside-approved adventure lodges.

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