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Doggie Destinations

Your number-one travel companion wants more than a vacation. Presenting our favorite trips to satisfy his (and your) wanderlust.

Dogs, Photo, Collage
Jason Daley

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The Best Getaways for You and Your Dog

For those of us who love the outdoors and our dogs, there seems like there are too few places to go adventuring with Fido. Most National Parks don’t allow dogs, city parks are borning, and dog parks can often lead to impromptu dog fights. But there are a few place for owners and dogs who want a little more out of their outdoor outings. Surfing with pooches in San Diego, hiking around lake Michigan, and scrambling in the mountains of Telluride top our list of favorite dog-friendly travel destinations.

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Doggie Destinations: Beaches

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Surfdog Abbie and owner, Michael Uy, head out to surf during a training session at dog beach in Del Mar, California, May 13, 2010. The popular San Diego area contest, like many of the growing number of dog surfing events being held in southern California each year, is a fundraiser for pet-related charities. (MIKE BLAKE/Reuters/Corbis)

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