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Where's the best place for spring skiing on the East coast? Brett W. Reston, Va

I'm new to the alpine scene and want to get my bearings. Where's the best place in the Rockies to learn how to ski? Brett W. Reston, Va

I'm traveling to Torino, Italy, over the holidays and would like to go snowboarding. Where should I go? Also, is it possible to take a train from Torino to the location since I've heard the hotels in the ski towns have minimum-night requirements during the holidays. Alex Santa Fe, NM

My wife and I would like to take a long weekend during the winter. Where can we find a bed and breakfast that's near a ski resort in a rustic environment? Bill M. Kansas City

My husband and I would like to bike around the vineyards in Sonoma Valley this fall. Would it be easier to rent bikes and follow a map, or would it be worth it to pay extra for a tour package? Becky K. Bozeman, Montana

Where are the best, most scenic areas to hike in the Phoenix area? Bethany Detroit, MI

I'm interested in visiting New England to see the fall leaves at their most splendid. Any suggestions on where we should go or what we should do? Chris Larie, WY

I would like to arrange for a two- or three-day rafting trip in Ecuador for myself, my husband, and our sons (ages 12 and 14). We've all done a fair amount of rafting and love it. We want to make sure we find a reputable outfitter to take us on this trip. Do you have any suggestions for rivers or outfitters? Laura New York, New York

I'm pondering going to Thailand in the winter—I'd like to do a lot more than just stay in Bangkok—but I'm a 25-year-old female wanting to travel alone. Do you think this is safe? Do you have any recommendations where to go? Kyle San Francisco, CA

We're planning to take my 16- and 18-year-old kids with us to Europe this summer to watch a Tour de France stage finish in Morzine. What outdoor sports can we do there afterward? Jackie Dallas, Texas

My family is interested in a two-day rafting/camping trip. However, we have a seven- and nine-year-old. Both swim pretty well. Any trip suggestions? Would later in the season be an option when the flow is down? Paul Brunswick, OH

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My fiancée and I are interested in a wedding that incorporates our love of the outdoors, preferably with an ecotourism spin. Do you know of any ecotourism companies that plan weddings? What would you recommend we do?

What is the best way to walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? How can I find the best guides? Richard Oviedo, Florida

It seems like every time I've looked at the weather this year, ski areas out West are getting hmered with more snow—even in April. Can you tell me the best places for spring skiing? Pete Salisbury, Maryland

Where is a good place to stay in Australia's Cape Tribulation without breaking the bank? Karin Olympia, Wa

I'm traveling to Germany this June for the World Cup. I'd like suggestions for both daylong and overnight hikes. Is there a hut-to-hut system? Bill Coral Springs, FL

I going to Argentina for work and have one to two weeks of personal holidays at the end. What would be the best thing to do in Argentina or South erica? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Michael Griffith, Australia

I like to road cycle, and a good workout for me is 35 to 60 miles per ride. My husband doesn't enjoy this. Do you know of any vacation spots where I can ride while my husband hikes and/or mountain bikes or can otherwise entertain himself? A spot where he can meet me at the end of my ride as we travel would also be nice. Denise St. George, Utah

Can you suggest lodges in the US or Canada where we can take our 1,4 and 6 yr old boys for hiking, fly-fishing (beginner), beautiful vistas, rafting and decent accommodations (preferably our own cabin with meals in the lodge)? Imran Shelocta, PA

I'm planning a trip with my family (two daughters, ages five and one). When our oldest daughter had turned one we spent a month in South Africa (Cape Town & the Garden Route). It was great! I would like to see more of that country, but my wife is lobbying hard for Asia (Thailand). What should we expect from Asia that will differ from South Africa, concerning weather, safety, and general standard of living? We plan to stay away for six to eight weeks. Jan Stockholm, Sweden

I'm trying to plan a winter backcountry/nordic ski trip in Yellowstone or somewhere else in the Rockies and not sure where to go. I'd like to stay either in cabins along a set route or ideally in some sort of base lodge and do day trips from there. I've got some experience nordic skiing and alpine skiing but not much backcountry skiing, so it can't be too technical. Any ideas? John Washington, D.C.

Where can I find a decent-sized conversion pack (those backpacks with the flap that covers the hip belt and shoulder straps)? Eagle Creek's packs are too small, and they have the largest on the market, at least in the U.S. I'm looking for something between 80 and 90 liters; a panel-loader with a sleeping-bag compartment and a zip-off daypack. Bill Atlanta, Georgia

I'm planning to take a cultural trekking trip for three weeks. I can't decide between Peru and Nepal. Any ideas?

Could you please recommend a comfortable backpack/travel pack that meets the maximum airline carry-on requirements? Maybe with an internal fre? I need something that could also be used for trekking. John W. Jones Johnston Island, APO AP

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