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Photo by Will Taylor  Recent studies show that discontinuing Daylight Savings Time (DST) could both save energy and encourage people in the Northern Hemisphere to exercise more, Reuters reports. “It must be rare to find a means of vastly improving the health and…

I'm planning a trip for my husband's 40th birthday this fall, and I'm trying to find the place with the perfect mix of beach relaxation and adventure. You know, kayaking, hiking, sailing, snorkelling, and windsurfing to go with a super nice room, superb food, and a spa treatment or two. What are your suggestions? –Jill North Attleboro, MA

I'm looking for places in the east where I can do some sport climbing and camping. Can you hook me up? –Brendan Media, PA

I know of some companies that arrange travel in the States for trail runners, like Adventure Running Co []. They take your belongings to the next destination while you're running. I would love to take a trail run in New Zealand or Chile. Is there some similar program for those who would like to do the same abroad? –Joshua Melbourne, FL

I'm planning a weeklong vacation in early November, and am looking for a relatively nearby destination where I can find some good outdoor activities mixed with good culture. If you could give me a top 5 list that would be great. –Josh Washington DC

I'm really outdoorsy and my new boyfriend isn't—though he's willing to learn. We're about to take our first vacation together. What's a good place within a day's drive of Washington, DC where I can introduce him to hiking but also have access to other fun activities in case he needs a more restful day or two? –Madeline Alexandria, VA

You've all seen the apps that will stylize your photos and give them that nineties-era cross-processed look, the dark vignetted corners, or the American Apparel Lomo look. But here is a way to combine iPhone apps to shoot in the style of some of Outside's favorite photographers. Yes, we realize…

I would like to do an overnight kayak trip, but don't want to camp. Any suggestions in the Mid-Atlantic states? -Sandy Mechanicsburg, PA

It's my third day shooting a film for the non-profit Save Our Wild Salmon about a select group of fish that swim 800 miles, the longest salmon migration in the world, from the Pacific Ocean to Idaho's 10,000-foot Sawtooth Mountains. I'm joined…

I'm headed down to Argentina and Chile late this summer, and want to go snowboarding. Where do you recommend? —Ned, Winston-Salem NC

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Need to visit your brother in New York? Catch some fall surf in California? Climb a fourteener in Colorado? See a concert in Austin? All in a month? JetBlue has you covered with the return of its…

Since 2004, the Fresh Air Fund, Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, and Cayman Airways have partnered to provide a group of inner-city children the trip of a lifetime…

My family is going to the Big Island of Hawaii. Do you have any advice on day hikes or some amazing must-see spots on the Island? We want to get off the beaten path. –Scott, Nogales Arizona

A former aide to former Republican Senator Ted Stevens, speaking under the condition of anonymity, claims that the congressman was aboard a small plane that crashed killed in a small plane crash on Monday night in Alaska, the New York Times reports.

What are the best beginner-level mountaineering expeditions across the world that a regular, fit trekker can attempt?–Kuntal, Mumbai India

What's the best long haul bag for an island vacation? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

I am going to Morocco in late summer for a week, and want you to tell me what to see and what to skip. — Chris Chicago, IL

I am going to Morocco in late summer for a week, and want you to tell me what to see and what to skip.–ChrisChicago, IL

Yellowstone (Courtesy of NPS) The heat is on. Time for a vacation–or time to plan one, at least. Presenting the top ten travel tips, from the National Parks Project's Patricia Schultz, best-selling author of…

Friends of mine just walked the Lycian Trail in Turkey, and it sounds like it was incredible. I want to do a similar sort of trip, following a trail through foreign lands, unguided. Are there similar ones out there?—AlexSeattle WA

I'm 28, single, and want to hike, camp, climb, and paddle all over the world. And while I have a great group of friends, most are married or coupled off, so finding a travel partner is a problem. Could you suggest some good adventure travel outfitters or other alternatives that cater to young, single women?—SarahAtlanta, GA

You can help us create Outside's all new 2010 Life List by answering the questions below. What’s a life list? A series of goals that, if achieved,would make a full and wild life. If you tell us what's on your list, we'll do the research so you can have…

I want to take an awesome adventure trip with an operation run by indigenous people, any ideas? I want to be able to give back to the place I visit!—CharlotteSarasota, Fl

What are the summer's best, off-the-beaten-path adventures in Europe?—MikeFramingham, MA

My wife and I are visiting New Zealand next winter and would like to hike, bike, kayak, and/or bungee jump. Any recommendations on how to get that done?—MarshallVancouver, BC

In editing our survival guide to adventure travel this month, I had a chance to speak with three star travelers who spend a good portion of their lives on the road. These were their top tips for staying healthy and in top shape in far-flung destinations, when…

My husband, six-year-old son, and I want to vacation in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula area. We are flying into Cancun and looking into Tulum. We want a non-touristy rugged adventure that a very active and athletic six-year-old can handle.—Barbara D.Burlington, VT

Take advantage of passport day, March 27, when you can get your passport immediately. The State Department will allow you to go to one of 18 regional passport agencies and apply for a passport without an appointment, The…

I'd like to take my family of four on an economical ski getaway. Where could I go to find some good deals?—Andy S.Austin, TX

There's at least one major upside to the bursting of the real-estate bubble: The kind of adventure-ready second home you've always dreamed about is suddenly within reach. From mountain retreats to lakefront outposts to slopeside condos, here's your primer on where to invest for the long haul.

Each month we get more letters than we can publish in the magazine. Going forward we will be publishing some of those letters on our blog to spur even more conversation. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section below, on…

I want to take a trip to the Amazon rainforest. What is the best way to do so? Kyle Staten Island, NY

Snow sports photographer Scott D.W. Smith has traveled to nearly 40 countries, including Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Chile, in the name of the perfect shot. Not only have the fruits of his labor been published in SKI, Skiing, National Geographic Adventure, and…

Here's something we wish we'd had while flying back from Thanksgiving, crammed between a sullen tween and plus-sized gentleman: “Seat alert” is a new service offered by that notifies you when a preferred seat opens up on your flight.

Researchers have found that restrooms on cruise ships are not being cleaned properly, which may enable the norovirus to live on surfaces for weeks. Since 2005, there have been 66 outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness on cruise ships, and although the researchers have not directly linked the outbreaks to poor restroom…

Virgin Atlantic just released an app-version of its popular 'Flying Without Fear' course which features an instructional video on the flight process, relaxation techniques, and answers to frequently asked questions. The company claims…

Camping in the United States is a great thing, but camping in Europe seems to be camping in parking lots. Where can we go camping with kids in Switzerland? What resources will tell us about U.S.-style camping places...accessible with kids. David New Orleans, LA

I want to climb a volcano. And when I say climb I mean hike, I don't want to have to mess with ropes and the like. Any suggestions in North America? Luke H. Austin, TX

I'd like to plan a trip around erica's biggest and fastest roller coasters. Any suggestions on where I should head to maximize my riding time?

My friends and I are planning a backpacking trip to Utah, but we're at a loss as to where to go. We're looking for a three- to four-day trip, so something in the range of 18 to 25 miles or so, give or take. If possible, we'd love to spend some time in slot canyons, but that's not really the focus. Landon H. Boulder, CO

What kind of outdoor adventures can I find in Morocco? I'm visiting in September and would like to have a little fun while I'm there. Joe L. Littleton, CO

My husband and I are looking to escape the city for four nights and five days. We want to cp, hike, and kayak, preferably in the southwest. We are not climbers, but flying in and out of Las Vegas looks practical given our short stay. What do you suggest? Alex A. Washington, DC

I looking for a wheeled duffle/backpack with the option to carry on my back (I think). However, I DON'T like the zip-on daypack feature. I have checked out REI and Eagle Creek and can't find what I looking for. I traveling for two weeks and won't be doing any trekking. Any ideas? Elizabeth Portland, OR

Next year, I would like to climb Kilimanjaro with my brother to celebrate his 30th birthday. Can you recommend any tour organizers who have a particularly good reputation for treks up Kilimanjaro? We are hoping to cp instead of staying in huts and will probably select a moderately intense route up the mountain.

I'm planning a one- to two-week road trip up to northern Washington, possibly Canada. Do you have any suggestions of good places to cp/stay and interesting things to do? Any goods hikes and or bike rides? Tim O. San Luis Obispo, CA

I looking for the quintessential duffel bag. I want it to be large, but no larger than 100 liters. I looking for a bag with shoulder straps, like those found on a backpack. The bag will be used for car camping, airplane travel, and international travel. Lockable zippers would be nice. A bag that is weatherproof is also important. I have in mind The North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag or the Black Diamond Huey Duffel Bag. Thank you very much for your help! Arek Ashland, WI

I'm a beginning mountaineer looking to tackle a few mountains this summer. What are some challenging peaks in the United States? Beau R. Rochester, NH

I put raisins on my cereal. Should I just put sugar on my cereal and cut out the raisins? Bill Garfield Hanover, New Hampshire

My sons are serious cyclists in their twenties and want to do a bike trip with Mom and Dad in Alaska this summer. Can you recommend something challenging for them that won't kill us? P S. Highlands Ranch, CO

A couple of friends and I want to take a spring break trip sea kayaking. Although we own play boats, we would need to rent sea kayaks. We are college students, so we need to keep the cost at about $1,200 or so for the whole week. We would prefer the East Coast, but if costs and/or weather make this difficult, we would try some West Coast flavor, too. What do you suggest? Lucas Benton, AR

We are thinking of visiting a friend in Nicaragua this winter. Is Nicaragua a safe travel destination? And can you recommend some good, active side trips from Bluefields? y San Marcos, CA

We tried to stop our man from revealing the dirty secrets of travel writing. Alas, he refused to be muzzled.

The first Filson bag I ever saw was in the callused hands of a wrangler in Grand Junction, Colorado. The next million hung from the shoulders of ad designers, junior corporate lawyers, and artfully disheveled fashion writers in Man­hattan’s East Village. That’s right: Bags by Filson, makers of refined hunting-and-fishing…

Do you have any suggestions for a family itinerary of Glacier National Park this spring? We have a girl who is nine. Rosalind M. Oak Park, CA

My wife and I spent last New Year's Eve cross-country skiing in Yellowstone with a fantastic outfitter. This year we'd like to do something similar near Missoula or maybe Idaho. Can you recommend an outfitter and guide service that operates in these places? Mike F. Washington DC

Where in the United States can I stay overnight in a tree? Alice Massillon, OH

My wife and I have finally decided to take the trip of a lifetime and splurge on an African safari. What options should we explore if budget isn't an issue? Eric M. Omaha, NE

What's the best spring break itinerary for an adventurous family (with boys ages nine and 11) in the Grand Canyon area, with hiking and/or whitewater included? Debbie B. bler, PA

I planning a trip out west this summer and would like to go to Redwood National Park and do some camping. I trying to get there as cheaply as possible. Do you have any suggestions for how I should get there? Heather Old Town, ME

What is stand-up paddle surfing and where can I learn to do it? John M. Los Angeles, CA

I'm planning to visit Colorado for three weeks starting Labor Day weekend. Do you have any hiking recommendations? I open to multi-day backpacking, as well as day hikes or overnight hikes to a mountain location. Jason Manchester, England

I just discovered that I love bouldering and would like to plan a vacation around it. Where are some bouldering spots for beginners? Mike Boise, ID

I'm turning 30 this summer and would like to take skydiving lessons. Can you recommend a safe but fun place to go somewhere on the West Coast? Megan P. San Diego, CA

My wife and I are planning a weeklong trip to Glacier National Park this year, including a three-night backpacking trip. Any ideas for a good 20- to 30-mile trip that will take us into the wilderness and away from the crowds? Jason Elk River, MN

My friend and I are very interested in going to watch the Tour of Flanders in Belgium. However, rather than ride along the course, we want to find a tour company to drive us around while we watch the race, hang out with the locals, eat frites, and drink beer. Do you have any suggestions? Thomas Hilal Los Angeles, CA

I an avid backpacker, but have yet to get into winter hiking. Are there any trails in or around Washington that you would recommend as a good place to get some experience with four-season backpacking? Scott V. Chehalis, Washington

Where do ski patrollers go heliskiing? I'm an expert skier looking to pull the trigger on heliskiing this year, probably in BC. I'm willing to pay for a little luxury, but don't want to be surrounded by intermediates who just happen to have the money. Dan G. London, England

I've decided to take a trip to India on my next vacation. What is the one thing I should do while I'm there? Gary F. Dallas, TX

What is the best mountain to ski in the early December? What place usually has the most and best snow? Ryan San Luis Obispo, CA

I'm traveling to Oz for six months and need to buy a wheeled bag that converts into a backpack if needed. Can you suggest anything? Lisa Cardiff, Wales

I just qualified to run in the Boston Marathon. What can I do after the race that'll be fun, but won't kill my already-battered legs? Sean M. Chicago, IL

I've never been to Indiana and will be attending a wedding there this fall. How about a little advice on what to do during my stay? Michael S. Phoenix, AZ

How can I physically challenge myself in Ecuador and still see a lot?

My friends and I are interested in learning how to whitewater kayak. Can you recommend a good two- or three-day course in California or Oregon? Thomas H. Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I have two weeks at the end of our year-long stay in Germany before returning home to the U.S. and would like to do an extended backpacking trip in the Alps. Do you have any suggested routes? Eileen K. Germany

I'd like to attend an outdoor camp this summer. Where can I find one that offers a unique adventure? Melissa C. Spokane, WA

Where is the best place in the United States for a family or husband/wife "team" to learn to scuba dive? Michelle Delphos, KS

Where can I go in Mexico or Cuba to learn kite surfing? I prefer the western coast, or the Yucatan in Mexico. Oh, and I’m a total newbie. Craig Mexico

I moving from New England to Salisbury, Maryland, for work. The problem is, Salisbury and the surrounding area are dead flat. I rock climb, mountain climb, mountain bike, etc. and these sports appear to be hopeless in this area. Any suggestions on how I can continue these sports or what adventures are available in Maryland? Mike Salisbury, Maryland

Where's the best place for spring skiing on the East coast? Brett W. Reston, Va